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Robyn Lush

Robyn Lush has a passion for finding a story in the mundane. She feels ‘corporate speak’ often contributes to the death of meaningful communication and strives to craft messages that achieve inclusiveness and that reach people on a personal level.

She has almost 20 years corporate management experience and customer service expertise in the travel industry and changed careers mid-stream to explore the fascinating and many-faceted world of communications and public relations.

Her current love is the health care industry where amazing stories of dedication and perseverance inspire her to be a better communicator and often enable her to strip things down to the essence of what truly matters. She believes in treating people with integrity and respect, often with a dash of humour.

Since 2007 she has worked as a Communications Specialist with Eastern Health primarily in internal communications with a special focus on web-based development, communication and training. 

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