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Q and A with Diana Quinton, ABC, SCMP


I’m from St. John’s, NL.

WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT COMMUNICATIONS ROLE?                   I am communications director for the Department of Natural Resources within the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Currently, I am also President, IABC NL and IABC Canada East Region board member. In the past, I have held IABC NL roles as Vice President of Finance, Director of Professional Development and Pinnacle Chair.

What brought you to the communications field? What is your training/experience?                                                                                                                 After, I completed a bachelor of commerce from Memorial University, I was initially focused on marketing research and planning. While working with an ad agency, I developed an interest in the field of communications and how it relates to marketing. I developed skills in communications while working at Memorial University and then devoted a decade to the role of principal consultant at Quinton Communications Inc. I undertook research, planning, implementation, and the evaluation of communications programs; managed multiple projects and events; and delivered training. I joined Government of Newfoundland and Labrador in 2011. Portfolios have included Tourism, Culture and Recreation; Innovation, Business and Rural Development; and Natural Resources. I was awarded the Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) designation in December 2004 and I have undertaken graduate courses through the Master of Arts (Public Relations) program at Mount St. Vincent University.

What do you like about being a communications or marketing professional?                                                                                                                                 love the pace, the variety of the work and the people I meet.

How long have you been an IABC member? How have you benefited from your IABC membership?                                                                                                                             I’ve been a member for over 15 years. I’ve benefited from the camaraderie, sharing of ideas, understanding of board governance and building of confidence and professional experiences.

What IABC NL events have stood out as valuable to you and what did you glean from them?                                                                                                                           I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all IABC NL events over the years including Coffee and Conversation, Innovation in Communications and Pinnacle Awards. My favourite part of all events is catching up with friends and colleagues.

Why have you decided to contribute to the IABC NL Board? How does it affect your personal and professional experience with communications?    I decided to contribute to the IABC NL board because it was my time to give back to the professional organization that has given so much to me over the years. As President, I am building my leadership skills and learning how to work with an international organization.

Where do you see your career going/what plans do you have for your career?                                                                                                                                        ​​​​Strategic advisor and leader.

Do you plan on attaining any of IABC’s new certifications?                                    Yes, I actually successfully completed the Strategic Communication Management Professional certification exam, and I encourage other members to do the same. 

Please add anything you’d like about the communications field or about your experience in communications.                                                                                        I invite members to consider joining the IABC NL board or to contribute time and skills to helping to organize one of our events. The more you put in as a volunteer, the more rewarding and valuable your experience will be.

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