Now Accepting Mentee and Mentor Applications for our 2023/24 Mentorship Program!

IABC NL is excited to launch a mentorship program, connecting new communicators with experienced IABC communication professionals. Mentorship Program

Mentorship is an excellent opportunity to learn, share your knowledge, and advance your career. 

Program participants can expect to:

➡️ Expand your network
➡️ Learn from experienced communicators
Work on professional, career-related goals

The program will run from January 2024 – June 2024, and the time commitment is approximately 1 hour per month.

Timeline for Mentorship Program:

  • Applications open: November 2023
  • Deadline to apply: December 20, 2023
  • Matches announced: December 22, 2023
  • Launch event – Tuesday,  January 9, 2024 (In-Person & Virtual)
  • Mentorship connections: monthly from January 2024 – June 2024
  • Mid-Session touchpoint for all pairs – Wednesday, April 10, 2024
  • Mentorship matches finish – June 2023

For more information on the program, click here for the Mentorship TOOLKIT (PDF)

Apply online to be a mentor or a mentee by December 20, 2023.  

Mentee Application

Mentor Application


There is no charge to participate in the program, it is just one of the many benefits of being an IABC member. For more information, contact Marlayne Hardy:


“As a first-time mentor, I initially had doubts about my ability to effectively support others in their professional growth. However, IABC NL provided invaluable guidance, giving me a clear path to follow and helping me foster a nurturing and uplifting bond with my mentee. It turned out to be an incredibly rewarding experience that I wholeheartedly endorse to anyone in the field of communications. Never underestimate the power of your own skills and knowledge to make a meaningful impact!”


~ Dana Hawco, CMP® 


“Participating in IABC’s Mentorship Program as a mentee was an incredibly rewarding experience. The opportunity to ask questions and share knowledge was extremely valuable. The guidance and expertise provided by my mentor offered a different perspective and supported goals I had set for myself. I am leaving this program feeling more confident in my work and more connected to other professionals in the field of communications. I feel my mentor and I built a meaningful relationship and we’ll both be able to confide in each other for years to come. I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking for enhance their skills, professionalism, and networking opportunities.”


~ Jennifer Brown


“As a young communicator, I benefited greatly from the guidance, support, and advocacy of those farther along in their career, and paying it forward is important to me. Working with Emma has been an incredible opportunity to share what I’ve learned along the way, but I’ve also learned so much from her! That’s what’s so special about this program – it’s a great way to build relationships across career levels, skill sets and industries, and gain a deeper understanding of our industry and where it’s headed.”

~ Adriann Kennedy

“Participating in IABC’s mentorship program has brought me connections and skills that will stay with me throughout the entirety of my career. I’m so thankful to have met Adriann, my mentor, through the program. As a newer communicator, learning from Adriann’s guidance, knowledge and expertise has been above and beyond.” 

~ Emma Dalton


“The IABC NL mentorship program exceeded my expectations. It was a great way to connect with local communications professionals and other students with similar interests, but more importantly, I was able to learn from Karyn’s vast set of experience and knowledge. Both of us went through major work transitions while going through the program, and I genuinely feel like we learned a lot from each other. I recommend this program to anyone and highly encourage mentees to pick their mentor’s brains- it’s a great way to learn and grow in the field while developing a supportive connection.”

~ Jenna Head

“I am so happy I took part in IABC NL’s Mentoring Program. I took just as much away from my involvement as what I put in. Jenna and I developed a great relationship, and I genuinely looked forward to connecting each month. I’ve had some incredible mentors throughout my career. It was nice to give back and support someone new to our profession.” 

~ Karyn Whalen




“A mentor can be a valuable asset at any stage in your career. As a mid-career professional, the support, motivation and knowledge Diana offered was invaluable. I would enthusiastically recommend becoming involved in the mentorship program, regardless of what stage you are at in your career. You won’t regret it.”

~ Wayne Follett


“I have thoroughly enjoyed the mentorship program offered by IABC NL. It is a well organized program with plenty of heart and professionalism. As a mentor, I’ve had the opportunity to share some of my stories and experiences; as well as to learn from my enthusiastic mentees. A win-win all around.”

~ Diana Quinton


“Our award-winning mentorship program sparks deep and meaningful professional connections. I’ve been a mentee, a mentor, and I can’t wait to do it again.”

~ Jeremy Reynolds