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Pinnacle Awards – Division 3: Communication Training & Education

Recognizes the mentorship and education role of consultants and senior communicators in educating an audience about any aspect of the communication profession.

Category 29 |  Internal Communication Training 

  •  This category recognizes training or educational programs delivered to an internal audience that help to improve their communication competencies.
  •  Entries may include supervisor/manager/leader training in communication skills, presentation skills and employee ambassador development, in addition to media training, speaker’s bureau training, and other communication disciplines.

Category 30 | External Communication Training  

  •  This category recognizes communication training delivered to an external audience that helps to improve knowledge and understanding of the broad range of communication disciplines and skills.
  •  Entries may include presentations for conferences, university classes, seminars or workshops, as well as media and executive coaching.

Category 31 | Institutional Communication Training 

  •  This category recognizes communication education developed as part of a curriculum and taught within educational institutions that helps to improve the skills and expertise of students.
  •  Entries may include strategic communication planning and related elements, and encompass the broad range of communication skills, disciplines and research.

Category 32 | Communication Education Tools 

  •  This category recognizes tools such as books, manuals, white papers, guides, workbooks, and other material that teach key competencies and help to position communication as a key business driver.
  •  Entries may test, refine or expand communication practices, or critically review issues relevant to the profession.

Category 33 | Communication Training & Education – Student Entry

  •  This category is for entries to any category in this division submitted by a student.