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IABC-NL Volunteering Opportunities

Calling all Communicators!

IABC NL is looking for volunteers for its Board of Directors! There are many opportunities and volunteering is a great chance to get involved with the local chapter. There’s more to it than that, though! Here are just the top three reasons to join the Board of Directors:


It’s true! How many of us work for an organization where we’re either the only communications professional, or one of a small group? Volunteering with a team of communicators gives you the benefit of different perspectives and opinions. You have the opportunity to build networks with communicators from a wide range of environments – public, private and non-profit, at every level in our field.


Volunteering with IABC provides opportunities for chapter leaders to attend leadership meetings and conferences out of province. Not only will you meet fellow communicators who share your passion and interests, you can develop new skills and ideas that will benefit both you and the local chapter. 

Developing a different skill set

Does your job involve lots of policy and strategic communications, but you miss planning the occasional event? Perhaps your company doesn’t tweet, but you have a passion for social media. Volunteering with IABC-NL can give you those opportunities. The roles are varied in nature and responsibility…there’s something for everyone.

How You Can Get Involved

The time commitment for volunteering on the board varies by position but averages less than ten hours a month. The board has monthly meetings, which take place either during the lunch hour or in the early evening, depending upon people’s schedules.

If you’re interested in a new challenge and would like to get more involved with your IABC chapter, let us know! You can nominate yourself or another member to help guide our IABC chapter.  

Nominations are open until June 19th, 2024. Review the nomination package and learn more about how you can become part of the IABC NL Board.

For more information on board roles please check out the nomination package or reach out to Carolyn O'Keefe, Incoming Past President, at