The International Association of Business Communicators is an international network of communications professionals. Our goal is to promote excellence in communications by offering opportunities for networking, expanding knowledge, and ensuring quality through ethical practices and certification.


IABC offers opportunities to network and to share information locally, nationally and internationally. In Newfoundland and Labrador, we have over 60 members representing a broad range of interests and experiences in communications. Our members work in government, private industry, institutions, agencies, and in private practice.


IABC Newfoundland and Labrador offers professional development seminars, workshops and informal education sessions. Our speakers share their knowledge and expertise of communications from many varied perspectives. IABC also offers conferences at national and international locations, bringing together hundreds of professionals to learn new skills, understand emerging trends, and establish links around the world.


IABC members strive for the highest ethical standards using the IABC Code of Ethics as their guide. Through accreditation, communications professionals experience a rigorous assessment process and receive their Accredited Business Communicator certification, representing the highest standard of practice.

IABC also offers members the opportunity to have their work reviewed and judged by their peers, with excellence in the field recognized and awarded provincially (Pinnacle), nationally (Silver Leaf) and internationally (Gold Quill). Submitting your work for an award is both a learning experience and a chance to affirm your goal of excellence in communications. Entering your work for awards will help you:

  •   Benchmark your work against the best practices in organizational communication
  •   Obtain valuable feedback
  •   Enhance your stature within your organization and your profession
  •   Impress potential employers or clients with your work