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Pinnacle Award of Excellence for a Communications Professional

This is a prestigious award recognizing a communicator who practices exemplary communications and encourages communication excellence in the activities and initiatives in which he/she is involved.

All communicators in the province who are members of IABC Newfoundland and Labrador are eligible for this award. The award acknowledges the recipient for their leadership, professional accomplishments and outstanding efforts to improve business communication.

Nominees will be evaluated on the following criteria:
  1. Professional excellence demonstrated through career-related achievements, awards, honors, citations and accreditations.
  2. Contribution to the profession, illustrated by:
    •    number of years in the field
    •    impact on others
    •    commitment to professionalism
  3. Uses best communications practices to effectively tackle issues and highlight opportunities; engages in open and honest communications, and achieves successful results through innovative communications strategies.
  4. Contributions as a communications professional to IABC, other organizations, or the community of communications practitioners, demonstrating outstanding leadership, management skills, innovation and creativity.
  5. Commitment to ethical and professional standards, demonstrated through actions and example.
Nomination Process
  1. Obtain permission from a proposed nominee before completing the nomination process.
  2. Complete the nomination form and supporting documentation as outlined in the guidelines above, and submit by mail or courier to the Pinnacle Awards Committee. You may nominate more than one individual, but each nomination must be on a separate entry form.
  3. Individuals may not nominate a direct supervisor or a family member for the Pinnacle Award of Excellence for a Communications Professional.
  4. Complete and send one form per nomination. Ensure that you print the required information legibly and complete all fields accurately and in full.
  5. One award will be presented each year, if a suitable candidate is identified by an independent judging panel, and approved by a majority of the IABC Newfoundland and Labrador Board of Directors.
Selection Process

Entries for the IABC Newfoundland and Labrador Pinnacle Award of Excellence for a Communications Professional will be judged by an affiliate IABC chapter, or out-of-province IABC Silver Leaf and or Gold Quill certified judges, with a minimum of two judges judging each entry. Entries are evaluated against standardized criteria.

DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES – April 17th, 2024


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