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Student Entries

How to Enter

All Student Pinnacle Award entries are processed through an online student entry system and must include a work plan and entry form (PDF). 

Answer the Work Plan questions to tell the evaluators a great story. Do not exceed two (2) type pages in 11 point font. 

  1. Convert work plan file, including (the entry form and your work sample) to a single PDF, and upload to our online student entry system.  PDFs must have a maximum file size of 50MB.
  2. Video work samples must be submitted via YouTube.
  3. Please ensure your entry or entries are labeled with your name and educational institution (ie: CNA – Sam Walters).  If submitting more than one entry, please submit separately (i.e.: CNA Sam Walters 1 and CNA – Sam Walters 2).  A maximum of two entries per student will be accepted.  The submission deadline is April 5th, 2024.
  4. All entrants grant IABC Newfoundland and Labrador the right to reproduce on our website, Pinnacle Awards Gala presentation, and future related promotions.

Scoring Process

Student Pinnacle Awards entries are judged using a seven-point global scale of excellence as a guide.  All entries start with a base score of 4, which represents a fully competent approach to communication planning and execution.  Work is scored up or down, depending on the content.  Scores of 7 or 1 are very rare.  To earn an award, entrants must achieve a score of 5.25 or higher.  A minimum score of 5.25 will garner you an Award of Merit and a score of 5.75, an Award of Excellence. 

Entries are judged based on the following work plan criteria.  Scores in the below three categories will be added and divided by three to determine eligibility for and award.

Scope of Work Plan

Answer the two work plan questions below to tell the evaluators a great story. Do not exceed two (2) type-pages in 11-point font.  Develop your work plan using the following template:

IABC Newfoundland and Labrador –
Student Pinnacle Awards  Work Plan

Student Name:
Post-secondary Institution:
Project Title:  

Explanation of project design and methodology: 

List three measurable objectives and three key messages: 

Work Plan Questions  

  1. Explanation of project design and methodology (1-7 points)
    What is the purpose of your project?  Think as if you were working for a client – have you considered how your project could work in the real world?  Do not say “this was a college assignment…..”  Your purpose should solve a problem, fill a need, or help leverage an opportunity.  Who is your audience?  How will it help a need or cause? Is there something in the business environment causing you to take this action? The entry must demonstrate an understanding of the target audience(s).  Describe your audience(s), outlining audience preferences, attitudes, demographics, psychographics or other characteristics.
  1. List three measurable objectives and three key messages (1-7 points) 
    Evaluators will determine if you have set targets for success in the form of measurable objectives that are relevant to your stated purpose in Question 1. Having appropriate objectives ensures that you know your work is aligned to a strategy, and critical to demonstrating the impact of your communication. Use the SMART formula as a way to determine whether your objectives are sound: specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-framed.

For your key messages, Evaluators will be looking to see that you used messages or themes to produce the work represented in the work sample. Key messages help the audience(s) understand the information you are trying to convey.

Overall Impression of Work Sample (1-7 points)   

To receive your score for Overall Impression, judges will take into consideration the following: Is your project original?  Does your project have visual appeal?  Is it creative? Is your entry clear, concise and professional?  Is your project engaging and the message easy to understand?

Entry Fees for Students: Free, but please submit via Eventbrite for receipt of submission


Should you have any questions, please contact:

Jane Hall

Director, Pinnacle Awards


Subject line: Pinnacle Awards | Jane

Kathy Dicks-Peyton, ABC

Judging Co-ordinator
Phone: 709-730-8549