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Pinnacle Awards – Preparing Your Work Plan

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Communications Management
Communications Skills 


Work Samples

Please provide a representative sample of your work. Evaluators don’t need to see every media clip, or a full research report unless you are entering in the Communication Research Management Division. An executive summary is fine.

The work sample is scored separately from the work plan, but it’s hard for a sample to get a high score if the plan doesn’t score well.

In Management and Education categories the sample should include a sample of all project elements so that evaluators can review the material and determine how well it’s aligned with the work plan. In Skills categories, samples should include a copy of the product entered in the competition and could any supporting information such as research, media plans, DVDs, scripts, creative rationale, focus tests, and post-campaign tracking information or other elements.

Preparing a work sample is like preparing a portfolio, and if you’re thinking about accreditation, it’s a great way to get started. Work sample elements demonstrate skill in strategic planning and execution. Material should be organized and presented in the same order as the questions answered for the work plan.

Evaluators will look for a summary of the research, the strategic plan, tactical implementation plan, budget, measurements or evaluation, and creative samples. Most entrants simply provide the creative samples, and while that’s okay, your score depends on your ability to demonstrate your strategic planning and execution skills.

Your research material that supports your entry. Please include either a short synopsis of your research (maximum 500 words) with cross-references to your findings or an executive summary of your research with key facts. And, if you are submitting an entry on behalf of a client, you must include a letter/email from the client giving you permission to enter on their behalf.